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How MAVI Travel started… anecdote

I would like to introduce myself- my name is Jolanda van den Born, your Blue Cruise director.

I used to work as a secretary on the board for a large company for many years-- I went on my First Blue Cruise in 1998 by myself.

I just loved it!
The sea, sun and all those magical things.

Nothing makes me happier than sailing along the beautiful coast and visiting little, peaceful villages where the habitants are pure and friendly.

That was the reason that I booked a Blue Cruise at least once every year.

In 2006 I signed on again for a Blue Cruise, which  started from the lovely town of Kas.

During a brief telephone call with the company where I booked my Blue Cruise, they told me that there were troubles with the boat and the other boats where full-- they were sorry to inform me, but I couldn’t do the trip as planned.

My Turkish girlfriend didn’t hesitate to tell them in fluent Turkish that this is not the way to treat tourists and they had to bring a boat one way or the other.

Later that day I took my suitcase and went to the other side of the harbor to search for a boat named the “Sydney.” Because it was already dark, I couldn’t see the names of the boats so I asked the first deckhand I saw where the Sydney was anchored. His “yes, yes, please you can come on the boat” made me very happy: I had found the right boat!

A few days later an Australian boy came on board as he knew the Sydney’s owner.
He told me that the captain and crew were very polite and friendly and the boat is clean and cozy, but they had no idea at all how to organize proper trips.

That helped me decide to help organize the trips and promote this boat throughout Holland.

That is how I started MAVI Travel. The idea of sharing these beautiful trips with people and the fact that I’ve always thought these trips can be done in a better way made me decide to quit my job and devote myself full-time to the Blue Cruise.

Because I’ve been a tourist many times on these boats, I’m able to look at these trips through the eyes of a tourist.

In 2007, I welcomed my first guest and it took my breath away-- that is how exciting it was for me. In my wildest dreams, I never thought this job would give me so much pleasure and satisfaction.

I now experience an enormous freedom and I live my own life, which makes me very happy. The positive reviews that I receive from each of my guests are the ultimate approval!

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