Kaş, once an unspoiled fishing village,is now a relatively unspoiled tourist town on the southern bulge of Turkey's Mediterranean coast two hours' drive southeast of Fethiye and three hours' drive southwest of Antalya.

Despite dozens of new hotels and pensions, Kaş (KAHSH) still has charm, part of which comes from its setting at the foot of a wall of mountains facing the sparkling Mediterranean.

Another part of its charm comes from Kaş's unhurried ambience. Because it is hours away from the Mediterranean's two major airports (Antalya and Dalaman), it gets fewer visitors than towns that are more quickly accessible.

Ruins of the ancient town of Antiphellos mix with modern buildings in Kaş. Across the water to the south lies the Greek island of Megisti (Kastellorizo in Greek; Meis Adası in Turkish). You can go there easily for a day trip.

Kaş's beaches are small, pebbly and apt to be crowded, so visitors drive east to Patara, spending time in waterfront coffee-houses and restaurants, taking boat trips to nearby Üçagiz and Kaleköy or the Blue Cave, visits to the neighboring village of Kalkan, or walks up the mountain to the cliff tombs.

Kaş is also a good base for exploring the plentiful ancient Lycian cities and archeological sites such as Demre(Kale), Patara, Xanthos (Kınık), Letoön, Saklikent and Tlos.



The Changing Face of Kaş

Hürriyet Newspaper, 20 August 2012


The western district of Antalya used to be the favourite location of the bohemian adventurers. Since the profile of the holidaymakers have changed, Kaş has become a location for luxurious boutique hotels and restaurants. Active tourism like diving, canoeing, mountain biking and parachuting have become wide spread. The opening of the marina this year has added a new dimension to the area. Although the foreign tourists and visits from Meis have decreased, there is an increase in Turkish tourists who are willing to spend their money for quality holidays.

Kaş, Likya’s historic port, is a popular holiday destination today. It has become a place of refuge for many actors, opera and ballet performers and a location for most of us to “constantly visit and explore”.

From Dalaman airport, driving through the renewed highways of the Mediterranean, you can reach Kaş in two hours.  When you are 20 kilometers away from Kaş, the road curves to reveal to you the hidden paradise bays. When you see Kaş, it is like a treasure chest left open by the sea, as you pass the bays you experience a heightened excitement.


Once you pass through the English atmosphere of Kalkan you arrive in Kaş to admire an unexpected local atmosphere. The Setur Marina, which was opened by the Koç family, is the first to greet you with its striking beauty. The marina has a capacity of 400 yachts and has ranked amongst the most prestigious yacht marinas on the Mediterranean. The enterprises here have been particularly selected with such taste that this area is like a little Monte Carlo..

The coast, which still has an appealing architecture, looks like a vibrant small Mediterranean town. In the Kaş streets, there is an atmosphere of a festival with the ladies wearing flowing silks and beautiful hair accessories. You feel as if everyone has come together for a peaceful and calm celebration of a festival without a name. The cats here are more lazy and finicky than ever..


Kaş is an unlimited location for divers, a starting point for adventurers and a peaceful refuge for holidaymakers.

The English newspaper The Guardian was right to rank the Big Pebble, Small Pebble and Kaputaş beaches of Kaş, amongst the 10 best beaches of the world. It’s not like the Bodrum or Çeşme beaches..the sea is like a silk fabric hugging and lifting you. Kaş has a cosmic sea. Without you even realising, it tells you a story..

You must select your shopping hours wisely in Kaş. Every shop has a character. The shops are calm during the heat of the day, the colorful doors open in the afternoons. If you sit and have a coffee with the shop owners, usually the shops are run by the owners, they will seem as close as a university friend or a hero from a book you have read..

At your convenience, visit Sumru’s shop, İpek Yolu and have a look at Sinem’s dresses.


The historical artifacts dating to 5000 BC are a part of daily life here. The Lycian Way, Alexander’s path, Cleopatra, Homeros.. all of a sudden you find yourself amongst the ruins of apparently the world’s first Patara Democracy Parliament building. According to the legend, Pegasus was here…it is as if all the legends you know were born here…St. Nicholas who we know as Santa Claus lived here.. Amongst the places you should see first are Patara, Xhantos, Kekova, Saklıkent and Gömbe plateau.

It is said that once you visit Kaş you will definitely come again. Everytime you visit you see beauties that you have not seen before and you look at this small coastal town with a renewed excitement. There is an interesting, striking but also a magical atmosphere that is really not far from us in the Kaş streets. There are seas that we know but have not swam. A peaceful town amongst lemon trees and the scent of jasmine…As a holiday activity what first comes to mind is diving, parachuting, cross, cycling, yoga, ATV tours, climbing, trekking, swimming, sailing..there are so many options that you may have to save some activities for your next visit. You will be passionate for Kaş.

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