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If you want to get really pampered you can go to a SPA or HAMAM in Turkey. You can expect to nourish your physical, spiritual and emotional self at the Hamam of Spa. Before you can decide whether you hate or love going to a Turkish bath, you need to experience it at least once. If it’s your first visit to a hamam, entering a Turkish bath can be a daunting experience.

First you need to relax and loosen up for a while, and most importantly sweat! A great time to explore the architecture of a Turkish bath. In most cases an impressive room completely covered in marble featuring a big dome, several basins and an impressive göbektaşı — the central, raised platform above the heating source.

After 15 minutes of sitting and lying on the göbektaşı, the masseur/masseuse enters the room. The first part of the service takes place on the side of the central platform, while shifting positions all the time. The attendant soaks your body with warm water and lathers you with a sudsy swab. At the same time, being all slippery and wet, you'll receive the massage.
After the washing up and massage, it is time for the scrubbing. The attendant takes the modern synthetic equivalent of the original Oriental hand-knitted wash cloth, and starts scrubbing – or should I say sandpaper – your body.

After being embarrassed by the amount of dirt you have on you (although you shower at least once a day), you'll receive another soapy wash up followed by a rinsing session with … cold water!

This concludes the 45 minute service. The masseur (m/w) leaves the hot room, but you can stay and decide to relax some more before moving to the cold or intermediate room. You will be handed a new, dry bath-wrap and a towel before heading for the showers.

You will feel great and extremely clean.

After the Spa/Hamam you can decide to take a 30-min. massage, I can strongly recommend this. 

Some more tips:

  • You can ask the masseur and scrubber to be the same sex as you are
  • Standard soap is used. If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to some products, bring your own soap
  • You need to wash your private parts yourself
  • You’ll get drenched, so women may want to get rid of their make-up first. Also, don’t forget to bring the necessary toiletries.
  • Women may want to bring dry underwear along too

There is no way you can avoid tipping the attendant(s), so make sure you have some cash money on you. You normally tip 10 to 20% of the total amount



Don't forget to visit a real Turkish berber! 



As a tandem paragliding passenger you do not require any previous knowledge of the paragliding at all. The pilot will brief you on takeoff and landing shortly before the flight. It is important that you listen to the instructions of the pilot and to have total confidence in his abilities. Take offs are easy (just a few steps usually)and landings are soft (most often we land on large grassy fields with no obstacles or dangers.



Rock tombs in Myra and the ST.Nicholaschurch

Some people believe that Santa Claus did not exist but truth is that old Father Christmas did in fact exist as a historic personality. He did not come from beyond the North Pole where Reindeers roam, but lived under the warm Lycian sun as Bishop of Myra. His church and ex-tomb continue to exist as places of pilgrimage in the Turkish town of Demre. 

Saint Nicholas was born in Patara, was elected bishop during Diocletian's persecutions, and died in Myra around the year 350. This stories of his charitable acts took on legendary dimensions during the following centuries.

One of these stories concerned three boys who were hacked into pieces by a greedy butcher, who salted and pickled them for sale in his shop. Nicholas miraculously restored the boys to life. On another occasion, on hearing that the daughters of a poor Myran could not marry for lack of a dowry, Nicholas stole under the man's window at night and left a bag of gold for each girl. This act earned him the reputation of secretly delivering gifts in the black of night.

By the 10th century Nicholas had become the most popular folk saint in the Byzantine realm, counting as the patron of children, poor virgins, innocent prisoners, sailors and Russians. His tomb in Myra became the object of pilgrimages. A church was built around it in the 6th century. After it was destroyed in an Arab raid, the church was rebuilt in its present form with the help of Constantine IX and Empress Zoe in 1043.

The fame of St. Nicholas was brought to the west by Teophano, a Byzantine princess who married Otto II of Germany. In 1087 some Italian merchants broke into the tomb and removed the bones of Santa Claus to Bari, where the famous church of San Nicola di Bari was built. Miraculously, enough other bones were found in Myra and transferred to the Antalya Museum.

The Church of St. Nicholas fell into disuse in Turkish times. In 1862 Czar Alexander I bought the edifice and began restoring it. Further restorations were carried out in recent years by the Turkish government, which also promoted the annual festivities which take place on the saint's feast day. Thousands of pilgrims from Italy, Greece and other countries come to Myra each year on December. Byzantine scholars and church historians meet to discuss the life and deeds of Santa Claus. Unfortunately there is no resident Christian community in Myra today, so the Greek Orthodox Bishop of Myra holds office in Istanbul.








Xanthos and Saklikent and/or
Xanthos, Tlos and Yakapark


Saklikent Gorge is famous with tree houses where you can find a resting and peaceful atmosphere. High in the mountains above Fethiye, rushing torrents of icy cold water cut a narrow gorge through the mountains over thousands of years, creating Saklikent Gorge. A natural wonder, the resulting canyon is 300 meters deep and 18 kilometers long and offers visitors one of the most breathtaking excursions in all of Turkey. To have a cool day in the heat of the Mediterranean summer, walking in the canyon along the cold water river is enough.

Xanthos was the capital city of the Lycian federation and its greatest city for most of Lycian history, located near the village of Kinik on a hillside in a beautiful natural site overlooking the Esen river. From this elevation one receives a supreme view of the Xanthos Valley surrounded by the spectacular Taurus Mountains. Its ruins include Pillar Tomb, a completely unique tomb in Lyca, actually two-tombs-in-one, a normal Lycian sarcophagus stands upon a shorter-than-usual pillar tomb. Amphitheatre, this probably dates from the 2nd century after Christ and is thought to have been built in the same time as the earlier Hellenistic one. Only the upper rows of the auditorium are missing, having been used as construction material for the northern wall of the acropolis. The stage building is still partially standing and was once of two storey’s and decorated with columns. Acropolis, a hill just behind the theatre.

Tlos is known to have been one of the most important religious centers of the Lycian region. Tlos lies on the east side of the Xanthos valley, and it is dominated by its acropolis.
Its ruins include: Acropolis Hill with fortress, tombs, sarcophagi, walls and stadium seats. Tomb of Bellerophon, an interesting tomb of Tlos, a large temple-type tomb with an unfinished facade featuring a relief in its porch of the legendary hero Bellerophon riding Pegasus, the winged horse. Stadium, located just under the acropolis hill, from the Roman period. It had a seating capacity of 2.500. Agora, the Market Place. This is a long 150 meter hall with two stories. Baths, Tlos has two baths. The smaller stands right next to the larger bath to its north. Even today, the larger bath is still a very impressive structure and consists of three large adjoining rooms of equal size. Amphitheatre, a large Roman era theatre with 34 rows of seats.

Paradise in the Mountains 2km from Tlos ancient ruins, 30km from Fethiye, Turkey. The local area is steeped in history, from the ancient Lycian settlements, Roman sites and the more recent Ottoman castle. 2 km from the Lodge. The Lodge is at an altitude of 340 m (approx. 1000 ft).



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