Information about your Blue Cruise

At the start of your journey the captain will inform you about the travel route. We can never give you the exact timing of the route as this depends on the currents and the wind, so it is possible to arrive later or sooner in a certain place. Decisions about changing the route are always made by the captain.

Your stay on board is full-board or all-inclusive de[ending on which boat you book.
When the weather is warm, you may choose to sleep on deck on a comfortable mattress. You will awaken slowly on board with the morning sun, dive into the crystal clear water before starting your lovely, lazy day with a nice breakfast on deck. Everyday there will be a hot lunch and dinner with fresh vegetables, fish and meat. In the afternoon we will have tea and biscuits.

There are drinks onboard, which include cold beer, water, soft drinks, wine, raki, wodka, gin, cocktails etc. 

Please tell us your personal wishes so that we know what you’re interests are: a picturesque, little harbor, a nice walk along the shore, shopping in one of the quaint villages, going on an excursion, paragliding, partying or just enjoying some peace and quiet. The captain will consider everyone’s wishes. 

It is not advisable to bring jewelry, valuables, or nice clothes; bathing suits and comfortable clothes are all that you need. You can wash and dry your t-shirts easily in the sun and wind. In spring and fall it is a good idea to have jeans and a sweater with you. You will also need sport shoes for when you are in port, but we do not wear any shoes on board to protect the boat from damage. You may also want to bring water shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks while swimming. It is not necessary that you know how to swim to be able to participate in a Blue Cruise. 

You can wait until you arrive in Turkey to get Turkish Lira either at the airport or in most of the larger cities and towns. When you exchange Lira outside of Turkey, you will most likely pay more. On our boat you can pay with Euro’s and Turkish Lira’s.  It is customary to tip the drivers after each excursion and the crew at the end of the trip. The amount, of course, is for you to decide. 

Our prices include all delicious meals, which are cooked by a native Turk. 2 Times this week we visit a local restaurant (not included). We can recommend good restaurants where you can have a very nice meal starting at €10,00. The Turkish kitchen is known as one of the best in the world due to the fresh ingredients and the simple recipes used.  If you prolong your stay in a hotel which is on our route, we will be happy to drop you there. If it is not, then we will either be happy to drop you there for a small fee or tell you the easiest way to get there. Everything is negotiable. We will be happy to assist you with hotel or pension bookings and can recommend other holiday possibilities 

The boat has comfortable sun and shade decks, with mats for every guest. You can bask in the sun on the sun deck or enjoy a book on the lounge deck. The meals are enjoyed on the large table with very comfortable chairs for (as we say in Holland) after-dine. 

Enjoy your travel experience in nature and local culture.

The weather in Dalaman

The weather in Antalya


















Iyi aksamlar

Iejie aksjamlar




Thank you

Tessekür ederim

Tesjuhkuur edderiem

Please (asking)



Please (giving)




Hos geldiniz

Hosj geldieniez

The answer to welcome

Hos bulduk

Hosj boeldoek

See you



How are you



I'm fine





If you give us a recommendation of your stay with us we will reward you by sending you a small photobook of the Blue Cruise as a thank you!




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