Will you join us to spend your dream holiday?

A BLUE CRUISE is an unforgettable dream holiday and this is one of the best things to do while in Turkey.

It is a fantastic vacation away from the daily stress of your busy life.
You will find that all your worries melt away.
You don’t need to worry about a thing as you will be taken care of from morning until night.

On a BLUE CRUISE you can discover new sites and a beautiful culture.
You will visit places with friendly and hospitable people.

While floating with the rhythm of the sea, you will get the chance to sense that there is so much more than materialism and appearances.

A Gület is not a luxury cruise ship nor a hotel, but we provide you with all the necessary comforts!

You will have the opportunity to take in the brilliance of the Turkish and Greek days and nights and let all the tension from your normal life melt away.

The rising sun is breathtaking and the full moon is very clear and bright.

BLUE CRUISES take place from April until the end of October as the Turkish and Greek coast have a very good climate during this time. July and August can be very hot, however, there is always a nice sea breeze and on most of our Gülets there is airconditioning in your room.

You do not need to have experience on the sea as the crew is very skilled and reliable. They will be as socially involved as you wish; they can remain quiet in the background or if you like they are willing to chat or spend a nice evening with you.

It is not expected for you to do anything onboard, however, you may choose to help with sailing or cooking; it’s up to you!

If you are lucky, you will also see phosphorescence in the water that is caused by light-emitting, microscopic animals. When you move your hand in the water at night you will see light-colored circles where drips of water look like little stars.
Swimming at night is also an unforgettable experience.

And if we are really lucky we will spot some dolphins. The big sea-turtles we will see almost every week.



If you give us a recommendation of your stay with us we will reward you by sending you a small photobook of the Blue Cruise as a thank you!




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