General Information

Do I have my own bathroom?
Yes, every cabin has it's own shower and toilet

Do I need Turkish money?
You can wait until you arrive in Turkey to get Turkish Lira either at the airport or in most of the larger cities and towns. When you exchange Lira outside of Turkey, you will most likely pay a great deal more. On our boat you can pay with Euros and Turkish Lira.  It is customary to tip the drivers after each excursion and the crew at the end of the trip. The amount, of course, is for you to decide. 

Which documents do I need? 
You need a valid passport. Your passport should be valid or a minimum period of 60 days beyond the expiry date of your eVisa. Please also bear in mind that passports must also have at least one fully blank page for entry/exit stamps.

Do I need vaccinations?
For Turkey you don’t need vaccinations. It’s advisable to ask your doctor.

Can I drink the water on board?
The water is safe but not for drinking- You can get it on our boat in bottles.

Which factor sunscreen do I need?  
On the boat in Turkey you have to be very careful with sunbathing as there is often a nice, refreshing wind which makes it difficult to feel the strength of the sun. I advise my guests to take the highest possible sun factor which allows you to stay in the sun longer.

Does my cell phone work on the boat? 
In almost every bay you can be sure to have good cell reception- this is also true when on land.

Can I charge on the boat?
There is 220 voltage and you can charge at any time.

What is an average tip?
It’s common to give a 10% tip in restaurants and bars. It’s also appreciated when you tip our driver, as he is not one of the crewmembers. At the end of your Blue Cruise you can express your appreciation by tipping the crew.

Have you had to cancel a trip before?  
We haven’t had to cancel a trip before because the boat is always full! Sometimes we have to disappoint people because there are no available cabins, so it is very important to book early!

Do I need travel-insurance?
Yes, it is a good idea to have travel insurance.

What to bring on a Blue Cruise?
 It is not advisable to bring jewelry, valuables, or nice clothes; bathing suits and comfortable clothes are all you need. You can wash and dry your t-shirts easily in the sun and wind. In the Spring and Fall it is a good idea to bring jeans and a sweater. You will also need tennis shoes for when we are in port, but we do not wear any shoes on board so as to protect the boat. You may also want to bring water shoes to protect your feet from sharp rocks while swimming. It is not necessary that you know how to swim to be able to enjoy a Blue Cruise. 




Hours of sun
Water temperature
Days with rain
April 21 9 18 4
May 25 11 20 3
June 30 12 23 1
July 34 13 25 0
Aug 34 12 27 0
Sept 31 11 26 1
Oct 26 9 23 4
Nov 22 8 21 6


Have we had to cancel a trip before?

We haven’t had to cancel a trip before because the boat is always full! Sometimes we have to disappoint people because there are no available cabins.

It's very important to book early!


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